This is our Credo, the statement of belief which guides us and that which we aim to achieve.

  1. We believe in providing Government Grant services of the highest professional standards to SME’s and other organizations located in Ontario.

  2. We define the term Government Grants to mean not only giving recommendations to access Government Grants, but also to support in writing the funding application.

  3. We believe by providing professional grant writing services, we add strength to the structure of the business society and therefore strengthening the competitive business field.

  4. We believe in order to be successful we must offer our clients services at the highest caliber, with honesty and integrity to meet their strategic initiatives with the best funding available in the market.

  5. We believe that it’s the greatest importance that funding should be available to all small and midsize business as they make up the largest sector of the economy thus the most important entity in our society.

  6. We believe that our service must be for those individuals who have a clear understanding of what we do and the conditions which the work will be done, what it will cost and the benefits our clients will receive.

  7. We believe our confidentiality of our clients will be most respected under all circumstances, and we must stand behind all our work.

  8. We believe we must search out and make available the best funding available in the market today, and deliver them to our clients in the utmost respectable manner and effective form.

  9. We believe we should continually improve our professional staff to advance their skills, knowledge in the field of Government Grants and find and retain the most qualified personal.

  10. We believe that we should and do contribute to the advancement of the art and science of social communication and taking advantage of the latest marketing technology to promote our public image at the highest caliber and continually surprise and adapt in this ever changing technology arena.

Record of success…

Hiring Grants motivated by HR 94%
Increase Profits 90%
Increase cash flow 80%
Improved Organizational Functions 83%
Adoption of Technology 70%
Government Funding Plan 66%
Greater Export Plan 49%
More confidence in the economy 44%

Do you want to take the gamble and the stress out of grant writing?